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June 6, 2017
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October 29, 2017
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There are two type of bearded men on this Earth.

Those who pay a professional to use their tools of the trade to expertly trim their beard…

…and those who stand in front of their bathroom mirror with a pair of scissors and hope for the best.

Either way, the goal here is to shave a few inches off that glorious (but unkempt) beard of yours and free up some body heat for the summer.

Whether you’re the former or the latter, we’ve got a few tips to make sure you’re doing it right, so listen up!

You Wouldn’t Cut a Wet Lawn

One time, I combed out my beard, after a hot shower, and decided to trim it while it was post-shampoo&conditioner-soft. That was a HUGE mistake…


Because my beard doesn’t usually look like that!

So, I had no reference point while deciding how short to go. Before I knew it, I was pulling hair down and out, cutting it in all different lengths and directions. It looked pretty good because it was still wet, but a few hours after it was fully dry, I realized I had about a million different lengths going on.

Unless you’re a pro, I suggest using a set of clippers, and not scissors. Comb it out a bit while dry, and trim your beard from there… DO NOT WET IT FIRST.

Not All Barbers & Hairstylists are Created Equal

There’s a really easy way to find a barber that is great with beards.

Here’s the trick…


If you’re going to a barber that double’s as a beard-enthusiast, then you know you’re in good hands. On top of that, you’ll probably get great recommendations on beard oils and different popular styles.

So heed our warning; if your barber was born in 1950, when men could light matches off their jaw-line, you’re probably going to get a botched beard-cut and have to start from scratch.

Beard-Selfies Are Now a Tool

The reality is, if you’re trimming that mane yourself, there are several angles that you’re going to miss…

A great side-angle selfie will tell you exactly how much you need to trim from under your chin. This’ll help you avoid that rounded beard-bottom you sometimes see with really long beards.

To be frank, hard-angled beards are fashionably “in” right now, so it’s best you go to a barber/stylist to get them cut in perfectly. But, if you’re brave enough to take on that responsibility yourself, try your best to get a shot of your beard from every angle.

A picture says a thousand words, but it also shows a thousand loose beard hairs that need to be trimmed!


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