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Top 5 Beards in Game of Thrones

What do you think of when I say “Game of Thrones”? If you said dragons, you are wrong as you should be thinking about beards.

Haven’t you read the name of this website? Or the headline at that?

There are a mighty few beards in the world of Game of Thrones but just who has the best of the lot?

Here are our top five beards in the incredible TV series:

5 – Rickard Karstark

Rickard only appeared in six episodes but his beard left a great impression. Our favourite quote from him would have to be “I’ll have peace on those terms. They can keep their red castle and their iron chair too! The King in the North!”

4 – Tormund Giantsbane

Tormund was an important character in a vital storyline in the series, appearing as an antagonist and later ally to Jon Snow. Our favourite quote by him would be “”Your grace”? Did you hear that? From now on, you better kneel every time I fart!”

3 – Robert Baratheon

Quite similar to the previous entry on this list, Robert was a key player in a main part of the story but his death ultimately led to some interesting character archs to say the least. Our favourite quote from him is “I’m not trying to honor you. I’m trying to get you to run my kingdom while I eat, drink, and whore my way to an early grave”.

2 – Jon Snow

Jon Snow is arguably the main character of the series — if not, he’s one of them for sure. While his beard may not be the most impressive, his sheer presence in the series bumps him up our list. Our favourite quote from Jon would have to be “My father told me big men fall just as quick as little ones, if you put a sword through their hearts”.

1 – Khal Drogo

The Khal makes it onto this list in first place. Are you surprised? You really shouldn’t be as he’s portrayed by Jason Momoa. I shan’t say more. Out favourite quote from the Khal is “I will not have you burned. I will not give you that honor. The beetles will feed on your eyes. The worms will crawl through your lungs. The rain will fall on your rotting skin, until nothing is left but bones!” Such an intense guy.

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    Can’t wait for the next season!