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Top 4 Best Beards in Hip-Hop

A lot of people turn to their favourite musicians when wondering how they should dress themselves or style there hair.

Just look at the success Kanye West has seen in the urban fashion industry in recent years, it seems now, more than ever, musicians can transcend into all of your tastes and not just your music taste.

So, naturally, we thought it would be good to have a look at some of the best beards in the hip-hop scene:

Rick Ross

Obviously he was going to feature on this list, he was likely the first person you thought of when you see the word ‘beards’ and ‘rap’ in the same sentence.

Rozay has been hit with a bout of poor health recently and we wish him all the best now he’s back on his feet.


I’d go as far as to suggest Drake has inspired loads of lads all over the world to grow their facial hair. Drizzy has achieved the beard a lot of men seem to be trying to grow.

It’s a full beard with a deep black colour and perfect shaping as to define his facial features.


One of the biggest grime artists right now has to be Michael Ebenazer Kwadjo Omari Owuo Jr — or just Stormzy, as you may better know him.

One thing that isn’t noticed too much though is his dedication to his chin strap beard, it’s far from a popular choice these days it seems but Stormzy rocks it.


First thing is first, if you don’t know who Matisyahu is then you are missing out, I’ll link one of his songs below – with Akon – and just have a listen to it. Beautiful music.

Matisyahu has one of the strongest beards in the music game but, sadly, he’s since shaved it.

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  1. […] Just look at him, not a single patch in sight and he knows how solid of a look he’s got — Drake definitely has one of the best beards in hip-hop. […]