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May 22, 2018
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Some guys have a beard, some guys have a motorbike and some guys have a beard and a motorbike and quite often these fellas will rock a facial hair style known as the ‘biker beard’.

Well, truth be told there are several types of biker beards — it’s not as if we can expect them all to be sporting a Billy Joel goatee because they own a Harley Davidson.

Speaking of the goatee, that is a fairly popular style of facial hair among bikers; it’s straight-forward and isn’t something that’s going to cause a problem with any helmets as all of the hair is contained around the mouth.

When I started doing the research for this article I had a few images in my head, one was, oddly Billy Joel, another was Paul Teutul from Orange County Choppers and, finally, I also thought of Hulk Hogan.

Only of those really makes sense.

And that’s obviously the owner and founder of Orange County Choppers, Paul Teutul Snr. He’s rocked a horseshoe moustache for as long as I can recall seeing him on TV screaming about bikes.

Hmm. Maybe it’s a popular choice because it’s sometimes referred to as the “handlebar moustache”.

Musical Influence

Quite often a guy who decides to grow a beard doesn’t really know what he has in mind and wants to experiment, quite often too you’ll get a guy who just wants to grow facial hair and think about it later.

The “ZZ Top” as it’s affectionately known is quite simply a long ass beard that’s somewhat well kept.

Just take a look at Billy Gibbons on a stroll there with his wife — a brilliant combination of class and ruggedness, whereas his wife only boats the former.

Staying with the theme of rock music, we move onto the “Motorhead” — do you see a pattern here? Bikers tend to like a certain genre of music and it’s almost as if, like everyone else, their favourite musicians influence their style.

The Motorhead beard pretty much ignores the chin and features a moustache-sideburn combination that kind of draws an ‘W’ on your face…probably not the best choice of beard if you’ve a receding hairline and don’t usually rock a hat or bandana.

Here’s legendary Motorhead front-man Lemmy with said facial hair and a hat!

Honestly, it isn’t the beard that makes it a “biker beard”. Grime artists in the UK could start rocking soul patches and it would soon have a new name, I’m sure of it.

It’s the biker that makes the beard and as long as they’re influenced by rockstars then the beards that bikers choose it’ll be the musicians that set the pace.

Maybe they should be named to rocker beards?

Are you a biker with a so-called biker beard? Please give me your thoughts in the comments below.


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