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May 15, 2018
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By My Beard produce several products including beard shampoo, beard conditioner and beard oil — all the things you need to maintain a healthy beard and keep your skin primed for hair growth.

My girlfriend was out and about a few weeks ago and ended up picking me up one each of By My Beard’s three products; being the supportive person she is, she picked them up so I could review them for this blog.

So, the idea is that I won’t be told how much the products cost each and I will guess their prices based entirely on appearances, and then my experience using the products.

The containers of the products do look very nice and somewhat luxurious, offering a pump instead of a nozzle meaning it’d be easier to access the product in the shower and less would be lost down the drain.


Let’s start with the beard shampoo, it’s not that viscous and somewhat of an oily texture to it. It wouldn’t be very hard for it to pass through your hairs, don’t think it’d prove a problem for a good combing.

Price guesstimate for the shampoo: £4.00 / $5.50 / 4.60€

The conditioner does seem to have a bit more going on, it’s very thick – almost like a putty – and has a very nice floral scent emanating from it. I’d definitely suggest this is relatively a more expensive product.

Price guesstimate for the conditioner: £7.50 / $10.00 / 8.50€

Lastly, the beard oil. The smell of the product is exactly what you’d expect; it smells like a nice, freshly-oiled pair of hair clippers and isn’t too oily to touch — it’s more like an oil-based elixir. As it’s an oil, I am expecting it to be more expensive than the shampoo and conditioner per ml.

Price guesstimate for the oil: £9.00 / $12.00 / 10.30€


Shampoo: It didn’t bubble up as much as I was expected and it felt like using a cheap soap to be honest. It didn’t sting like you may get with some keratin shampoos — you can tell this shampoo was made with beards in mind, it did clean the hair well and soften it slightly.

Conditioner: The first thing I noticed is that the conditioner seems to irritate my skin and I can only put that down to the fragrance used. As for how it treated my facial hair, it made them less brittle; moisturising them and leaving behind a matte finish.

Oil: The oil surpassed my expectations as it’s not something I personally use but it’s something I can immediately see my skin benefiting from. It’s easy to apply and feels nice doing so, making the hair much softer and giving it moisture, also enabling me to style my facial hair and keeping it in place. Once absorbed, my facial hair felt light.


If you live in the UK, you’re in luck, you can buy all three from Bodycare for a quid (just over one dollar/euro). I have to admit, that’s a steal for all three products – to get all of them for under a fiver – especially the conditioner and oil as they’re probably worth much more if you slap a more wider-known brand name on the bottle.

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