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Some men like to groom their beards — and I mean really groom their beards; they’ll put oil on it, they’ll make sure the skin underneath is dry as to not cause flakes and they’ll shape their beard almost daily to make sure not a hair is out of place.

And you should too, have a read. There’s nothing wrong with taking pride in your appearance!

But did you know that you’re also meant to comb your beard daily? Until recently, I didn’t.

Now, before you grab your comb and start hacking at your dried out facial hair, wait there: you’re going to want to make sure you treat your beard — feed it oils and ensure you’ve conditioned prior.

If you start tugging at your hairs with a comb when your beard is too dry, too wet or damaged, you won’t be making anything better.

First thing is first, you’re going to want to comb that beard of yours as to minimise the entanglement of hairs. Your beard will get tatty from time to time but, if you allow the tats to knot, you can end up with a serious problem if you’re not careful.

And by “serious” I do mean that you may need to cut out the knot(s) and suffer with a patchy beard. I’m sure you’ll all agree it doesn’t come more serious than that.

Using a comb daily will also even out your beard.

You know when you fall asleep on one side and, when you wake up, your hair is wonky…the same can happen to your beard too, make sure you don’t have a wonky beard.

A bearded gentleman enjoying a drink with a non-bearded person

If, like me, you have a short bit of facial hair and you like to trim it often then the above advice is 100% for you. I often find I leave certain areas a little too full but using a comb will expose these areas before you face the world.

One last thing, you might want to take a comb into the shower (or bath) with you, while you’re in there – conditioning that man mane of yours – it’d be a good idea to run the comb through your beard and allow trapped bits of dirt to find their way out more easily.

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