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March 25, 2018
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March 27, 2018
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Picture this: you’ve spent the best part of a few weeks or months perfecting your beard; it’s a perfect shape and thickness, you’re happy with what you’ve managed to create.

It’s your baby. You want to protect your baby like any parent should.

Harsh weather can damage your beard, causing the hair to become brittle – making it easier to damage and break which can lead to a ragged and patchy beard.

More importantly, if your facial hair becomes too damaged you may need to shave it all off and start again. Sometimes shampoo just can’t work a miracle.

Let’s start with something you’re likely to face on a regular basis — rain.

How does rain affect beards?

I’m glad you asked. Rainwater typically has a neutral pH balance, this means it’ll make your beard feel more greasy and you’ll likely want to wash it more harshly – this strips the natural oils from the hair and make it frizzy.

To appease your beard hair, be sure to treat it with some of our Beard Elixir – it’ll help maintain the natural, hydrated look of your beard when it’s stripped of its natural oils.

When your beard is soaked it is also at its weakest, you’ll want to make sure it doesn’t get caught in anything or tugged too hard as the hair is more likely to break when wet.

Photo by Clem Onojeghuo

Your best bet is to carry around an umbrella. A scarf or a big coat may also be a good option. If your beard does get wet then just dry it as you would your head hair – with a towel.

What about cold weather?

The weather that Winter brings can also damage your hair; it’s dries it out, making it brittle and easy to tangle. As I mentioned before, this is bad for your hair as it is more likely to break and cause patchiness.

It’d be wise to wash your hair when it’s cold outside, two or three times a week should do the trick, be sure to use conditioner – any will do, even the budget ones – but avoid using a hair dryer as that’ll just cause more damage.

Again, get a towel on the go.

Does the sun damage my beard?

Yes! You’ve probably seen shampoo for sun-damaged hair in the shops and it’s no different for beard hair.

Let’s also just take a moment to inform everyone that having a beard does not mean you don’t need to wear sun cream.

Now I’ve stopped being yer ma, it’s actually not the end of the world if your beard hair gets sun-damaged.

First thing’s first, you’re going to want to rinse your beard with cool water after you’ve washed it, this will help lock in the moisture after conditioning.

About that shampoo you’re going to want to use sulphate-free shampoo for sun-damaged hair; the less ingredients used in shampoo the better, it’ll only help to strip away your beard hair’s natural oils.

Lastly – and you mightn’t like this one – give your beard a trim a bit more often, this will help get rid of the more damaged hair and allow the healthier hair beneath to show off your mane.


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