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I found myself watching The Secret Life of Walter Mitty recently and, for anyone else that’s say though it you may already know what I’m about to say…

Adam Scott, as Ted Hendricks, has the most perfect fake beard I’ve ever seen in a movie. It’s so perfect, it’s like he’s ripped it straight from Drake’s face.

Apparently it’s intentional as to add to the character — making it seem that he’s a false as his beard. Kind of clever in hindsight.

This got me thinking…there must have been more fake beards throughout movies. Maybe some that weren’t obvious upon first viewing.

Obviously some of these beards were intentional, as it seems my first example is, but that shouldn’t take much away from our enjoyment of them!

Teen Wolf, anyone? It was probably one of the first things you considered when I starting waxing on about fake beards in movies.

You’ve likely had a relative at some point dress up as Michael J Fox’s character from the original 1985 movie, I know I have and their beard was just as false as his!

Unlike a movie about a school kid turned mythical beast, serious movies are probably the ones in which producers are supposed to take care with professionaism and I understand that limitations need to be considered with dated movies but there’s just something about 1993’s Gettysburg that I just can’t forgive.

Aaand that’s the monstrosity that is Jeb Stuart’s beard – portrayed by Joseph Fuqua – I mean, come on, it looks like Santa Claus has found the beard dye. Such a scene-shattering thing.

In a earlier blog post, I talked about foods that had been inspired by beards. One of those foods originated in Asia — Dragon’s Beard Candy, and it seems that the producers of Kill Bill were fans of this one.

Because they stuck it on Chia Hui Liu’s face to help him portray Pai Mei in the movies! It looks like candy floss (or cotton candy, if you’re so inclined). I guess Mei washes his beard with detergent.

The next, and final inclusion on the listicle is one that broke my heart, to be honest. I always thought it was real – it looks real – but it turns out life it just one big, fat lie.

I’m afraid Rubeus Hagrid, portrayed by Robbie Coltrane in the Harry Potter movies, is a fraud. Even though that beard looks sublime it’s a fake.

Props to the producers though as they’ve clearly achieved what a movie eight years prior couldn’t —¬†Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone was released in 2001, eight years after Gettysburg.

So that’s that. Are there any beards you’ve ever wondered were fake? Maybe Captain Jack Sparrow’s? Leave a comment below!

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