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May 8, 2018
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How I maintain my disconnected facial hair

Like many men, I’m not always satisfied with my facial hair but I work with what I’ve got and in this article I will explain my routine and hopefully help you embrace the beard you’ve been dealt.

Let’s get ourselves (re)acquainted, my name is Ste Carson and I’m a blogger here at Beards Are Sexy — admittedly,  my facial hair is likely less impressive than what most of you men reading this have.

I’m not going to post a photograph of myself here — although they’re available elsewhere online, but, just so you can visualise what I’ve got going on, I have a beard somewhat like the late Davide Astori (with a little less ‘tache).

This type of facial hair style isn’t for everyone and a lot of people will do their best to make the hair around their lips and jaw connect, or at least make it appear as if it does.

There isn’t much you can do about it to be honest; you can’t edit your DNA to change how your facial grows, even though that would be an easy cop out!

So what do I do about it? It’s pretty simple, I make the most of what I’ve got.

As I said, you can’t edit your DNA and your facial hair is decided by your genetics; you’ll likely have the same beard your father of grandfather.

And if they didn’t grow beards then take a look a an uncle, brother or cousin and that’ll give you a good idea of what to expect from yourself.

My routine

Those amongst us that struggle to remember to brush their teeth twice a day, let alone style either their hair or beard before heading off for work, will like what I’ve got to say about my ‘routine’.

The short of it: I don’t actually do anything ritualistically. If I were to follow my own advice, I’d buy myself some beard oil and use it on a daily basis and comb daily.

I do make sure the features of my facial hair that I actually like are taken care of; every time I get a chance to check myself, I make sure I haven’t got any patches of fair hair in my beard — if I do then I promptly pick up some beard dye and get that sorted before my next shower.

My other rule is to make sure my facial hair is kept tidy, I don’t think there’s anything appealing about a neck-beard or a fluffy jawline — it simply doesn’t look good on me, even though I apparently have an idealistic face shape.

Via r/beards on Reddit

I style my facial hair a bit like the above image but usually with a more closely trimmed neck — and obviously my beard is disconnected, unlike the beard of the gentleman in the photograph.

There is one more thing I do but it’s rare that I have to actually do it – as I tend to keep my facial hair short – but it’s simple enough, I sometimes use a comb to ensure my hair is fairly even.

The above photograph of James Franco will irk some of the beard enthusiasts amongst us but it’s exactly what I’m talking about, sometimes the hair is a bit thicker on one side to the other and it looks a little daft — this is when I’ll whip out the comb and sort it out.

Aside from that, I don’t actually do much else. I do wash my facial hair as often as I do my head hair but I feel that goes without saying. As ever, the most important thing about your facial hair is that you’re happy with it — that’s what I aim for.

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