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March 22, 2017
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May 4, 2017
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The Top 5 Reasons You Should Grow A Beard Right Now

By now, we’re sure you’ve noticed that beards are back in style, big-time. We all agree that it’s time you threw that razor in the trash (where it belongs), and earn your spot in the bearded-brotherhood!

Still not sold?

Keep reading…

We’ve put together a list of the Top 5 reasons you should be growing out that wild mane. So, those of you still ‘on the fence’ about growing a beard, need to see this before it’s too late!

1.) Double the Double-Takes

We told you all about it in our last post, ‘The Top Five Beard Styles and the Men Who Rock Them’

Chicks. Dig. Beards. Dude. 

Long, short, sculpted or wild. It doesn’t matter. Grow that beard out and you’ll soon notice the number of second-looks you’re getting on the street will quickly grow too.

Not to mention, you’ll be appealing to a very specific, very bad-ass demographic of women that might just want to grab you by the chin and drag you back to their place.

2.) It’s Not Just a ‘Winter-Thing’

You should thank the millions of years of evolution we went through, for the natural face-scarf that shields you from the elements.

Everyone knows an extra layer of thick facial hair keeps you warm in the cold… BUT, did you know that a beard is even MORE useful for you in the summer?

Thinking of shaving some weight off for the hot summer months?

Think again, brother!

It turns out that beards block out between 50-95% of the sun’s UV rays, which totally demolish your skin over time.

Yes, you heard it right. More hair, more shade!

3.) You’ll Be the Topic of Conversations

As soon as you grow out your beard, expect to answer a lot of questions about it…

“How long did it take you to grow it out?” or “What kind of product do you use in it?”

It’s an excellent conversation starter, especially if you’re rocking a long & wild one!

And while jealous beardless-men are asking if it’s ‘work-appropriate’, women will be asking you if they can touch it.

4.) You’ll Get the Beard Club Kudos

Remember those ‘double-takes’ we mentioned?

Those will be just as frequent from your fellow bearded passerby.

After a few months of growth, you’re going to feel like you’re a part of this ultra-exclusive club of facial-hair-fanatics…

…And trust us. You are.

Getting checked-out by the cute front-desk girl at the gym is always a quick confidence-booster.

But, getting the nod-of-approval from a Bearded-Barbarian at the market is f&%#ing awesome.

5.) Bench-Pressing Looks Bad-Ass With a Beard

A thick mane on your jaw already boosts your manliness by about a thousand percent…

But couple that with a solid muscle-pump at the gym, and you could find yourself looking like a gladiator ready for the Colosseum.

Did you know that regular weightlifting can boost testosterone in men by up to 40% in just four weeks!?

Higher levels of natural testosterone is linked to a growing a thicker beard, so join that gym membership and start blessing the iron immediately.

Your biceps and girlfriend will both thank you later…

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